Korean Pastries: Traditional Gift Set from Paris Baguette!

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Hello everyone, I recieved this gift set from someone recently and I thought I should share some pictures with you! This gift set is from Paris Baguette, a large cafe franchise here in Korea. Paris Baguette is one of the more affordable cafes in Seoul. 25 pieces came in the gift set. They were all individually packed in their own plastic box which was very cute! They taste a little bit sweet but not too much. They kind of remind me of the Chinese moon cakes. There aren't any special filling in them.

The cover of the box.

This one was by far my favorite because I love almonds and I love how it is presented.

Almond flake covered!

Eating the walnut was my favorite part. It was huge.

I think this has pieces of various sugared citron rinds.  There wasn't any zest nor sourness. 

Hmm... I'm still not sure what this is!

Group photo! 

Overall, a very interesting experience.


  1. These are so precious! They look tasty, too.

    1. Yes, they are tasty :) Thanks for visiting!


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