Innisfree Summer 2014 Shadow Pencil Review

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hello everyone! Today is election day here in Korea (June 4th, 2014). Go vote people! As for me, it also means a day off work and time to write this long awaited review of the Innisfree Shadow Pencils.

As some of you may be aware, Innisfree collaborated with Jill Stuart last year and released quite a few things in the collection like liquid and gel eyeliners and shadow pencils. The 2013 collection has stripes on the packaging. Those have now been discontinued and the products are revamped and released with dots for the 2014 summer collection.

Although some of the 2014 colors are the same as the 2013 colors, they are renumbered. A few colors are taken out and a few colors are added in. There are some fun colors, but also a lot of wearble colors. Definitely more wearble colors than 2013. These retail for 7 500Won each (about $7 U.S.D.).

*source: - Official Korean Innisfree Website

The product I'm reviewing today is a new shadow pencil. It is #4 Blowing Cherry Blossoms. What an apt name!  This is actually one of the two shadow pencils with two colors. It has a pearly nudey beige side and a peachy pink side. The other one is #9 which is a smokey purple and a shimmery white. 

I honestly adore products that I can use on the go without brushes so these pencils are just right up my alley.  For all over color, I swipe the side of the tip along my lids and for a more precise application, I just use the tip. There is no need for a sharpener because these pencils are twist ups. Hurray! Hopefully, from now on, jumbo crayons that need sharpening will be a thing of the past. I really hate it when I waste a lot of product in the sharpening process. Not to mention, some products are just too creamy to be sharpened properly.

How much product you get.


I bought #2 and #3 last year when the Jill Start  x Innisfree collection first came out. Although I loved the packaging and the convience of shadow pencils, the colors didn't really match my skintone as they were quite warm toned.

I have been really enjoying #4 Blowing Cherry Blossoms of the 2014 summer collection.  The pearly nude side is really nice as an all over color but it's absolutely perfect for highlighting the aegyo sal (cute eye bags) because it's pearly but not frosty. It makes my aegyo sal stand out and although it may just be a placebo effect, I do think I look like I've got "friendlier" and more "cheerful" eyes. Although the peachy pink side looks really nice on  my hand, it make me look like I've got an eye infection, so I don't use that on its own. I have to mix it with the beigey side to make it more wearble. If you're used to using pink eye shadows then this won't be a problem for you. Although they are so pigmented, one swipe will get you a nice wash of colors. They are buildable so if you like to have a more intense color, you can swipe it three times.

Comparing the new 2014 shadow pencils to the 2013 shadow pencils, the 2014 ones are definitely smoother. There is no tugging, no skipping, and no resistance. They're so soft and creamy. It's incredibly easy to apply.  They glide on incredibly well and once set they don't budge at all. I'd say you have about a minute to smudge it before it sets. Last week, I swatched a few of the shades in store, went home after a long day, took a shower, and then looked down at my arm and realized these were still there - unfaded, unsmudge, still looking new. I rubbed my fingers over it but nothing moved.  I tried to smudge these under running water as well but nothing budged.  Crazy! I had to take them off with a cleansing oil. So I'd say these are definitely smudgeproof and waterproof. I'm extremely impressed. 

They've got a nice sheen and they're not sparkly nor frosty at all!

In the light, the pink color also has a golden sheen.

I ran them under running water and smudge them with my finger but nothing moved.

The Good:

- beautiful color range

- cute packaging

- waterproof

- smudgeproof

- twistup 

- affordable

- two color in one - only #4 and #9

- smooth application

- convienient

The Bad:

- nothing! 

Overall: I got to say that I'm really impressed with the new shadow pencils. The formula is just what I'm looking for the the color is just amazing. I'll be sure to pick up a few more once these go on sale. 


  1. The formula sounds incredible, and the shades are gorgeous!
    I've tried many eye shadow pencils in the past (because I'm lazy and want to skip having to use a brush), but all of them were pretty disappointing. I'll definitely have to make a note of these though.

    1. I know what you mean. These definitely save you the hassle of using a brush and it also saves time in the morning ^^

  2. I am totally impreesed after reading your review~~

  3. I didn't know that they're collaborating with Jill Stuart!haha
    That look nice because it has two colours in one~

  4. Hi Mizu chan, hmmm I really thought I saw their sign saying it's in collaboration with Jill by Jill Stuart but now I can't find it on their website. I know the stripes design was definitely with Jill by Jill Stuart. I'll have to check in stores when I have time.

  5. Definitely convinced to try these, but unfortunately
    I missed the opportunity to try out them with the Jill Stuart
    packaging. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Don't worry ^^ I find this year's formula nicer than last year's!

  6. Hi Chrissie,
    I ordered some of them for myself after reading your convincing review on it. lol. So glad I got them!

    Thanks for the review :)


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