Skinfood 2014 Milky Rose Collection + Blush Swatches + Quick Reviews

Monday, February 24, 2014
Hi everyone, today I'm going to do something I don't normally do which is make a post about a new collection of items. The reason which I am blogging about it is because I am super excited over the extremely cute packaging. I'm a not a rose fanatic and I'm also not really a big Skinfood cosmetics fan. I've tried a couple of their makeup items and I have to say, their skincare products are much better.

Anyhow! For the Spring 2014, Skinfood has launched a Milky Rose collection. I know Etude House came out with a rose collection last year, but the packaging of the Skinfood 2014 Collection appeals to me much more.
Large display at one of the Skinfood stores in Myeongdong.

There are six major products in this line: Moist Makeup Fixer, Lip mousse, nail polish, cream blusher,  Make up remover, and Easy Nail Stickers

Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher:

This has got to be the product I'm most excited about in this line. It's the Rose Essense Soft Cream Blusher. Like the name says, it is a cream blusher but when it comes into contact with your skin, it becomes powdery and dries to a matte finish. It's not sticky at all and very creamy in the pan. It also has a built in mirror. 

These are swatches of the cream blushes under natural daylight. Tester #2 was missing. As you can see, #3 a light beige didn't appear too well on my skin. These pictures are extremely zoomed up. Once again, the blushes are (moist but not sticky) cream in pan but once you've applied it onto your skin, it dries to a matte. They are extremely blendable.

Vita Color Lip Lacquer

This is a lip lacquer. The consistency is like a mousse.  It is a click pen applicator with a built in synthetic brush. One end is the button where you push to dispense the product (like a mechanical pencil) and the other end, the product comes out onto the brush. The negative to this is that the brush gets very dirty looking very easily. It would also be hard to wash the brush so it's not very hygenic. 

The colors look really pretty and comes in a variety of corals and pinks. The product is a liquid mousse form but dries to a matte finish as well. 

Make Up Remover

Next up is the Make Up Remover - it's a milky pink liquid that removes makeup quite well. I tested it in stores. I'm not sure how well it works against waterproof mascara and eyeliner though. The bottle reminds me of the Skinfood Point and Shake Remover.

Rose Essence Make Up Fixer

Here we have the product that I am most likely to buy - Moist Make Up Fixer. I've been in the market researching for a good makeup fixer since I know that it's going to be EXTREMELY humid very soon. I tested this in store as well. A lot of liquid comes out per spray so I don't recommend you spraying directly at your face. The mist isn't very fine. Spray it into the air and then move your face to catch the product may be the best way to use this product.

I'm not really a nail polish fan, I especially haven't had much positive experiences with Skinfood's nail polishes, so this has to be the part I'm least excited about. However,  you've got to admit, these are really nice colors for spring - very floral and very feminine. 

Easy Nail Stickers! I'm tempted to get the rose tip one but I'm a bit of a clutz when it comes to doing my nails and handling my nails with care.

Overall: I absolutely adore the rose packaging of this new spring line. It tempts me to buy it just to have it displayed on my vanity.  I think I might definitely pick up the Moist Make Up Fixer and the rose tip nail stickers but not the cream blush nor the lip lacquer.  The cream blush looks like it may be high maintence to keep clean and the pen applicator can get really messy if you dispense too much product. 

Does the Skinfood 2014 Milky Rose collection excite you? If so, which products do you want to try out? 


  1. Awwhhh..I seriously falling in love with this! Saw the ads about a week ago and now waiting for Skinfood sales .I'm aiming the blusher n lip lacquer *_*

    1. The blushes do look really awesome! ^^


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