Korean Cosmetics Haul: Nature Republic, The Face Shop, Innisfree

Sunday, February 2, 2014

When makeup brands have sales, it's usually around the same time. It's like a huge competition for them and it makes my wallet a whole lot lighter. So when Nature Day happened at the same time as the The Face Shop and NYX happened to be on 70% off clearance (which makes it the same price as you would get it in the States. NYX is ridicolously marked up here) I had to pick some stuff up.

Mise En Scene 3NT DARK CHOCO HELLO! BUBBLE FOAM COLOR - I've used this before.  It's really easy to use and the color goes on evenly and lasts for a long time. It comes with a color packet, container, pump, plastic gloves, plastic cape, hair mask pack, and essence oil.

2x Nature Republic Forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil: This had the Get It Beauty sticker on it and the sales assistent said it is soothing for skin. I've been waiting for Nature Day to get this as I have just ran out of my Shu Uermura Ultim8.

The Face Shop Lovely me:ex blusher in #5 Pink Affair - it was just too cute to pass up. The color shows up as a slightly cool-tone pink.

Nature Republic Angel Lip Balm in #01 Peach Tint Balm and #02 Cranberry Tint Balm - What a lovely name. Nature Republic always gets me with their sweet names. I bought #2 first because it was the only color the store had. After putting it on, I got so many compliments on my lips that I went for a hunt in Myeongdong for the more natural #01 Peach Tint Balm. They leave an awesome long lasting stain on the lips and feels quite moisturizing. Simply amazing.

Nature Republic Botanical Stick Highlighter - This was a total impulse buy. I swatched it on my hands, it gave a nice glow and it blends really well.

Innisfree Melting BB Cushion Refill: I'm not sure if this will fit into my Hera Air Cushion case (it doesn't) but its worth the try. I'm tired of having cases everywhere. I've heard many good things about this BB Cushion and I can't wait to try it.

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee - I wanted to like this color but nudes just don't go well with my fair skin at all.


  1. I love the Innisfree BB cushion and I would say it compares very favorably to the Laneige bb cushion even though it is at half of it's price.

    I am currently enjoying the Mineral Melting Foundation from Innisfree as well. You might want to check it out yourself. :)

    It's great to see a blog featuring Asian products. I am an avid fan of Korean skincare and cosmetics as well!

    1. Thanks! There's not a lot of english reviews on Korean cosmetics, so I love to put my two cents out there to help people make shopping decisions ^^

      I love most of Innisfree's products so I will definitely check out the Mineral Melting Foundation when I get the chance. Thanks for the recommendation :)


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