Heroine Make Mascara Remover Review

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
I'm pretty sure that everyone, by now, nows that Japanese mascaras are darn hard to remove. Yet they're the only things that really work with my stubborn eyelashes. When I first saw the Heroine Make Mascara Remover,  did I think  "Yaya! No more rubbing my eyes to get my mascara off!" ? No. I did not. But I did have some expectations for this product as it is designed for the sole purpose of removing mascara.

As I didn't have high expectations for this product, I waited for the opportunity to buy it when it came as a set with my second HG mascara. (My HG mascara is the Majorica Majolica Lash Expander Frame Plus but that has been discontinued in Korea since the arrival of the Majorica Majolica Lash Expander Edge Meister.)

It's a black wand with solid ridges for your eyelashes. You can reach all of your eyelashes easily.

How I Use the Product:
1. I apply the product to my eyelashes as I would when applying normal mascara.

2. I wipe the wand with a tissue before putting it back into the tube so that I don't get mascara mixed with the product inside.

3. I wait a few minutes.

4. I gently dab my lashes with a cotton pad. Usually the mascara comes right off.

5. I proceed with regular make up removal routine.

Consistency: it's a very runny clear liquid. When I first used it, I had to be very careful tilting the wand so that I don't get it in my eyes. When I touch the liquid, it feels like oil. It also has an oily smell.

The product is really runny so when, I was applying the product to my eyes, I really had to tap the tip of the wand to the tube for excess product to drip back into the tube before applying to my eyelashes. This product does its job well. After wiping the product off my eyelashes, the mascara also comes off so easily. There's no need to tug or reapply and wait. It's absolutely great for really tough mascaras. My eye area doesn't feel oily nor does it feel irritated. It feels like mascara has been lifted off.

On my eyelashes: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Waterproof Mascara

Left on my cotton:

What I Love About It:
- it does what it claims - removes mascara without any trouble
- mascara lifts off with no need to tug
- I can reach all my lashes with the wand without any trouble

What I Don't Love About It:
- the liquid is very runny
- have to wait a few minutes for it to work
- is expensive (I think about 16 000 Won/ $15) for only 6g
- no English instructions

Overall: A+

I think this is a very simple and effective product that does what it promises. However, for lazy people like myself, it does feel like an extra unnecessary step to my makeup removal routine because of the wait. Yes I'm impatient. I don't like waiting at all. Even though I've removed my mascara, I still have my eyeliner and makeup to remove. I soak a cotton pad with remover and press it to my eyes. Usually during that step, my mascara comes off anyways. I would only feel like this product is necessary for days when I've got massive chunks of mascara and primer on. But for what it promises to do, it does perform and it exceeded my expectations. 


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