[REVIEW] Banila Co. Clean It Zero (Original)

Monday, May 11, 2015
Hello everyone, today I'm back with a review of a product that I've been enjoying quite a lot recently. It's a pretty popular item so I'm sure you have heard of it before. It's the Banila Co. Clean It Zero (Original - in the pink jar)!  They have four different variations - Original, Radiance, Purity and Reservatrol.

Banila Co. products are usually a bit more expensive than other Korean road shop products but so far, I've really enjoyed everything I got from there!

In the past, I've always used a cleansing oil to remove my makeup but after hearing all the hype about this item, I knew I had to give it a try.

Clean It Zero is a sherbet like makeup remover. It comes in a jar as a solid. Although they normally come in the 100ml per jar, I've purchased the largest size of 180ml. I think this is only available for the original version.   I'm very glad that they've also included a plastic separator and a little scooper. These things make it more hygienic and convenient to use.

Although it is in a solid form at first, it actually starts to melt and become and oily liquid when I massage it onto my face.  Now I can fully appreciate the little plastic scooper. If I were to just dip my finger in and scoop it out, I'm sure the product would look like a hot mess after a while.

The consistency of the product is pretty light weight. I can easily massage it around onto my face with tugging. I usually use this to remove my face make up and it does the jobs quickly and easily! It removes foundation, blush, and lipstick really fast. I don't like to use this on my eye makeup though as I find that I tend to get this product into my eyes and it my eyes get blurry. It also doesn't remove waterproof mascara as my Missha Eye and Lip Remover but I'm okay with that!

Once I'm done massaging this product around my face, I splash my face with water. The product becomes a milky consistency and all my face makeup comes off easily. It makes my skin feel really soft without adding any oiliness to it. It doesn't feel as if my skin has been striped of its moisture nor does it feel like it has a layer of oil. It just feels clean.

I usually follow up with a foam cleanser and a toner just to make sure my skin is perfectly clean.

It also has zero fragrance.


On: 2 lip tints, Stila Waterproof Eyeliner, Aritaum Wannabe Shadowstick.
As you can see, the product is like coconut oil and solid at room temperature.

Once I start rubbing the product, it starts to liquify. It starts to dissolve the all the makeup except for the eyeliner.

After splashing it with water, the product emulsifies.
After the product is all rinsed off, most of the makeup has been removed. You can still see the trace of the eyeliner, which is why I don't like using this product for my eye makeup. 

Overall, I recommend this product and I can see why so many people love it! 

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  1. I thought it's a mask pack but I totally wrong! Glad to hear this product doesn't feel oily at all

    I nominate you for The Liebster Award. You can check here
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