Skinfood Black Pomegranate Volumining Serum Review

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I got really curious about this serum after seeing the way Skinfood has been advertising this in Korea. I've never heard of the use of pomegranates in skincare but then again Skinfood sells a lot of things with ingrediants that are unusual to the skincare market that work really well. This serum smells absolutely incredible. I never knew pomegranates could smell so good and now I am on a pomegranate scent craze. 

*Picture taken from promotional materials

There are nine products in this line. In the picture from left to right: Filler, Touch Mask, Emulsion, Oil, Voluming Serum, Toner, Cream, and Essence Mist. The product that is missing in this picture is the Gel Mask.

*Picture taken from promotional materials

This picture shows the recommended skincare procedure steps that you should take when using the Skinfood Black Pomegranate line. By following these steps you would be maximizing the effects that it could provide you. 1. Toner ->  2. Serum -> 3. Filler -> 4. Emulsion -> 5. Cream -> 6. Oil

The Skinfood Black Pomegranate Voluming Serum is used for an Anti-Wrinkle Effect. 

" Hydrate, illuminate, and plump up your skin with Black Pomegranate Voluming Serum. 
Skinfood's proprietary active extracted from Black pomegranates.
* Black Pomegranate Story: This mysteriously dark pomegranate is enriched with a higher amount of ellagic acid and antioxidants than the common red pomegranate."

1) Remove the cap from the enclosed pouch. Replace the bottle pump with the cap.

This is the cap inside the pouch. As you can see, it contains some kind of powder.

2) Press the cap firmly downward to release the powder into the ampoule

After putting on this new cap, you should press the button all the way down. In this picture, the button has not yet been pressed.

3) Replace the cap with the bottle pump. Shake the bottle at least 20 times to mix the powder with the amouple.
*Picture taken from promotional materials

Here is the picture with the pump dispenser.

4) After toner application, dispense a few pumps into palm. Apply to entire face.
For optimum freshness, use the ampoule within five months of the opening date.

This product retains for 24 000 Won. As far as I know, Skinfood never has sales but I find that as I use more of their products, it is fast becoming one of my favorite brands for skincare ^^.

Packaging: I love the plummy redness of the Black Pomegranate line. It's beautiful. The serum is housed in a pump glass bottle. Excellent for hygenic reasons. Although it is a glass container, it does not feel heavy at all. The pump and lid are plastic. 

The serum has a light, runny, milky texture. It spreads easily onto the skin and is absorbed very quickly, leaving the skin hydrated and not sticky.
It spreads really easily over the skin.
It makes the skin look moisturized and healthy after being absorbed.

I've been using this product for a few weeks now and I have to say that it is one of my favorites at the moment. It is not sticky at all, absorbs really fast, smells so good, and feels so light. It really hydrates my skin without feeling heavy at all. I feel like the general brightness and smoothness of my skin has improved as well. I usually use two pumps of product after my toner, once in the morning and again at night and follow it with a cream. I absolutely adore this product in the morning, it just smells SO refreshing and delicious.  So far, even in the dry Korean winter, my skin is holding up pretty good in the moisture area.  Although this product is marketed as an "anti-wrinkle" product, it's hard to say how effective in that area it is as I think so many factors can affect the wrinkle aspect of skin such as healthy habbits. So for that, I cannot make a judgement concerning this product. I can only judge it for how it makes my skin feel. 

What I Love About It:

- smells absolutely amazing
- hydrates really well
- makes my skin feel soft
- absorbs really quickly
- brightens my skin
- not sticky
- has a pump bottle 

What I Don't Love About It:
- nothing

Price: 24 000 Won / 50ml.
Score: A+

I would definitely buy this product again. I recommend it to anyone looking for a brightening and moisturizing serum. My experience has been so positive that I'm really tempted to get the other products in this line. I've received deluxe gift sample sets of the toner and I really like it. Skinfood has once again impressed me with their product.


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