iHerb Haul #1: A Tea Lover's Dream + iHerb Discount Code

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
iHerb really impressed me with their shipping. It took 5 days for my things to arrive from America to South Korea. 5 Days!! Last time I order from Canada and it took 2 weeks...  I don't know what happened but I think I'll order more often from now on. Their selections of items is really impressive. They've got so many different things. I especially like shopping there for their tea selection. They've got ELF, Real Techniques, and Physician's Formula. A set of Real Techniques brushes cost $18 on iHerb but 45 000 Won (about $45) in Korean stores...

Shipping is a flat rate of $4 -  but you can save on that when you use the coupon code for $5 - $10 off (if you are a first time shopper at iHerb).

Discount Code for First Time Shoppers of iHerb: VVW971 
Just enter this into the code box when you are checking out and you can received $5 off if your order if under $40 and $10 off if your order is over $40. Great way to save! 

* Disclaimer: I think when you use this code, I receive about 1% - 1.5% of your total credited onto my next order. The credit is from iHerb's marketing budget so it won't cost you anything extra to use it. There's more information on the iHerb website if you would like to know more about their reward system. Everyone gets a coupon code to share after making an order.

I paid for everything in this order. Nothing is sponsored.

Anyhow onto the haul!

I have official became a tea horder...

Before I took a long vacation off I was deeply dependent on my Korean coffee mix.  I NEEDED a cup of coffee to function properly every morning due to long working hours and not getting enough rest. However after my break, I am now a tea lover. It doesn't mean that I no longer love coffee, but I just don't like that dependency on something.

Throughout the day, I like to drink tea. It's just so relaxing. Here's what I got:

1. Twinnings Variety Pack (20 bags): My coteacher has been telling me that Twinnings makes the best tea and I think she might be right. I love the variety of tea that Twinnings offer but since I'm still relatively a newbie to tea, I got a variety pack. It comes with 5 Earl Grey 5 Lady Grey 5 English Breakfast 5 Irish Breakfast. I think this is a great way to try out new teas.

2. Bigelow Assorted Teas: Herbal Tea (18 bags): It comes with 3 Pomegranate Pizzazz, 3 I Love Lemon with C, 3 Mint Medley, 3 Orange & Spice, 3 Cozy Chamomile, 3 Sweet Dreams (The whole reason I ordered this box was for this. The name is just too tempting. However, I found it to be somewhat of a disappointment since it tastes almost just like regular chamomile tea to me).

3. Bigelow Vanilla Chai (20 bags): This is a winner for me. The box comes with helpful instructions on how to prepare the tea. It made my entire kitchen smell so wonderful. The vanilla is really perfectly strong in this. I will definitely hoard up on this the next time I order (possibly hoard up on a few boxes of Twinnings Chai tea as well).

4. St. Dalfour Golden Mango Green Tea (25 bags): This was listed in their best sellers list. I had to try it. It's pretty yummy with a noticable mango taste. I would recommend this.

5. St. Dalfour Strawberry Rose Green Tea (25 bags): I've been craving rose tea but the strawberry is definitely more noticable than the rose.

6. Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: This smells absolutely AMAZING. Really yummy. So far I've only tried this in cooking. It adds a slight coconuty taste to the food. 

7. Physician's Formula eyeliner set for Brown Eyes: I always order this. I find it to be a bit cheaper on iHerb than in Canadian drugstores. These are my HG eyeliners. They don't budge nor smudge.

And some freebies... a hair cap and a lip balm - each order comes with freebies

Overall: I'm really impressed with how fast I received my order. I am definitely planning to order again - perhaps more tea as I'm going through them so quicky.
Shipping cost a flat rate of $4 no matter which country you're in.

Discount Code for First Time Shoppers of iHerb: VVW971 
Just enter this into the code box when you are checking out and you can received $5 off if your order if under $40 and $10 off if your order is over $40. Great way to save!


  1. Hello hello, am debating about using iherb and specifically that tub of coconut oil you got. Are you still satisfied with their services and products?

    1. Hi Selca, I've ordered from iHerb twice so far. It took two weeks for my package to arrive in Canada and 5 days for it to arrive to Seoul. They package their things really well. The coconut oil is sealed and when it arrived, they had it in a ziplock bag to prevent any spillage. I mainly use the oil for cooking and whenever I have dry patches on my skin. I would say it works decently well. There's nothing that I dislike about it. The only thing that puzzles me is why the coconut oil is housed in a plastic container. Most of the other coconut oil I've seen are in glass jars. I don't know if that makes a difference to the product or not. Overall, my experience has been a positive one but I encourage you to also read other reviews before making a purchase ^^

  2. Thanks for the quick reply~ in the process of researching, specifically about the different brands of coconut oil, but your insight definitely helps.


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