Holika Holika My Dark Stealer Eye Cream Review

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
This was my first eye cream. I purchased this with the expectation that it would do as its name suggests - which was to get rid of my dark under eye circles. After experimenting with some other eye creams (Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream, Nature Republic) I realized that this is quite a decent eye cream. Because of the moisture that it provides, I can see how this could help reduce the appearance of lines. It keeps my under eyes supple and hydrated.

Although this product did not reduce my dark under eye circles despite its name, I must point out that all products perform differently on each person. It is unreasonable to depend on one product to reduce darkness. How dark your under eyes are depends on your sleeping pattern, genetics, and eating habits.

It smells really nice and fresh. The colour of it is ever-so-slightly pinkish but applies on clear. It gives a slight pleasant cooling sensation at first and absorbs quickly.

It is a little bit like gel-cream. It isn't sticky and spreads easily.

It comes in a glass jar which is quite heavy for its size. Most people dislike packaging which requires you to put your fingers directly on the product but since this is an eye cream, the hygienic factor can be excused. You kind of have to apply any eye cream with your fingers. However, what I really dislike about class jar packaging is that it is hard to reach certain areas to get products and sometimes the product gets under my nails which is a no-no. I suppose this is easily remedied through the use of a Q-tip to getting the products out.

15 000 Won (about $14 USD) at Holika Holika stores in South Korea. Occasionally, Holika Holika has 30% off sales days and 1+1 days.



It smells nice
Provides hydration and suppleness to the under eyes really well.
Absorbs quickly


Did not make my under eyes any brighter
Heavy jar packaging
Having to dip fingers into the jar for the product

Although it did not banish my dark circles (high expectations due to its name), it was still a really nice eye cream. It hydrated well, smelled really fresh, absorbed quickly, and gave a cooling sensation which is really nice for tired eyes. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a nice eye cream but is not expecting dramatic results.


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