Friday, May 20, 2016
Hello everyone, how's it going? It's suppose to be spring here but I've just witness random little chunks of hail flying everywhere! Today, I've have another lipstick to review - Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in #1 Pink Bud. I've had this lipstick for a while now but I haven't worn it til now (which is not like me at all)! Since I'm going through my lipstick stash right now, I've decided to bring this out and try it. I'm glad I did because this lipstick reminds me of fresh spring flowers.


The Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipsticks describes itself as "a highly pigmented, long-lasting moisture lipstick that delivers rich color in a stroke." I'd say that this is half true. It's really pigmented - so pigmented that this is probably the reason why I haven't used it until now! However, I wouldn't call it moisturizing.

The colour at the end of the tube is the same as the colour on the inside so that's super nice when you're trying to find the colour you want!

"Vivid Colour, creamy texture, long lasting, camellia oil, 3 - free system"

I don't notice much of a scent so I'd say it's unscented. 

When I first looked at the lipstick, I really though that it was a simple, typical red-pink colour. However, when I tried it on, I really have to say I love it. Even though I've got so many red-pink / pink-reds in my collection, this one is truly differently. True to its name, I really think of a budding rose when I have it on. There's something vibrant and bright about it. One layer gives quite a lot of colour so sometimes I just apply a bit and smudge it out - this way I can get a bright lip and still be wearable!

I've accidentally smashed the top of the lipstick to the cap because I forgot to twist it down. Now it's all rounded and hard to get precision.  Regardlessly, I recommend you to use a lip brush simply because this lipstick is PIGMENTED.

There's something very florescent about this colour.

This is the lipstick full on. It really packs a punch!

 This is when I apply a light layer and smudge it out.

I love this colour. It's fresh and springy - just what I need right now. It applies on smoothly and gives opaque colour in one swipe. Although it goes on like a cream lipstick, there's something powdery-matte about the finish. It does transfer when you eat or drink but it leaves behind a stain, which is typical because of the bold colour. I would say that this is a medium moisture lipstick that doesn't completely hydrate my lips nor dry them out. Lip balm prep is not necessary but I would recommend that your lips be in decent condition before you put this on. 

Overall, I'm really impress with this Innisfree lipstick!


  1. I've been too obsessed with Korean lip tints that I've never tried much of Korean lipsticks except for 3CE and Etude House. The Innisfree lipstick looks great! Plus the colour looks stunning on your lips. Welp. Another thing to add to my evergrowing shopping list. ^^"

  2. The color looks lovely!! I've been obsessed with the innisfree lipsticks and this one is very promising **




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