[REVIEW] Missha Signature Glam Art Gloss (SCR06 LOTTA CORAL)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Missha Signature Glam Art Gloss (SCR06 Lotta Coral) ~ $16 USD
with SPF 12

ClaimsShiny, vivid colors for glamorous lips.

Botanical Ingredients keep lips moisturized for up to 12 hours.

Sweet Almond Peptide and Marine Collagen help restore elasticity.

Gloss has subtle pearls for a beautiful shimmering look.
The slim fitting lip gloss applies on lightly for a comfortable wear.
Provides high stay power - 12 hours moisture and color fix system for clear long lasting color. 
(Source: Missha U.S. Website (here).)

I first saw this product one day as I was leaving HomePlus (HomePlus is a Korean supermarket - they have some Korean beauty stores - like Tony Moly and Missha -  near the entrance /exits). Missha had set up a display with three different sets of colours - Lotta Orange, Lotta Coral, and Lotta Pink. This gloss belongs to the Lotta Coral family which also includes a lipstick, eyeshadows, and some nail colors. 

Missha's Signature line packaging always manages to capture my attention with it's beautiful and sophicated looks.  It's the type of packaging that I wouldn't mind buying collections of (if I had the money) and displaying  them on my vanity and just admire and sigh over them all day long. 

The tilted applicator is pretty standard. It holds onto the product well enough for the application process to be mess free and non-streaky. It applies on with a bit of resistance but it doesn't feel too thick nor too streaky. 

I've never been a gloss fan but I was so drawn to the swatch color of this product that I made an impulse buy. It's a corally pink color that looks beautiful swatched across the back of my hand. As someone who is used to wearing brights, this soft corally pink color is a very toned down color for me. I've been trying to get into nudes and I still haven't found the perfect one. For the time being, this is as "nude" as I'm getting.

As you can see, the gloss is not the super shiny-in-your-face type. It's more subtle and soft and this makes it wearable throughout the day. This color is rather forgiving should you apply it without a mirror because it doesn't accentuate dry areas and even when applied out of the lip lines, it makes the lips look plump rather than messy.  Even when it wears off, it comes off evenly so you don't have to worry about random patches or lines left behind. 

Although it claims to be long lasting, I found the lasting time to be pretty average (around 2-3 hours or pretty much wiped out after eating) on my lips. However, it meets it's claims in comfort because it's  moisturizing but not sticky despite a definite cling on the lips. 

Overall,  I really like this product. It is a really pretty gloss housed in beautiful packaging and it does all the things a gloss should. 


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