3CE 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color in #9 Kitsch Biker Review

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hello everyone!  I'm sure if you are into Korean beauty products you must've heard of Stylenanda's 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) make up line. It's been wildly popular here on the blogosphere and  amongst many foreigners. I think even more so than amongst Koreans. Whenever I go to Stylenanda, in Hongdae or in Young Plaza, the makeup booths are always, alwaysjammed with international visitors. I'd say their most popular items are their lipsticks. They've got two lines for their lipsticks - the regular line and the cream lip color line. 

The gorgeous Park Sora modeling this color. 
(The above four pictures are taken from Stylenanda's website - en.stylenanda.com)

A sleek black box for a sleek metallic black case.

Today, I'll be reviewing 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Cream Lip Color in #9 Kitsch Biker. There are currently  twelve colors in this line. At 18 000Won (around $ 17 U.S.D.) it's more expensive than the other 3CE lip products. 

A security seal! I'm always so happy to see one of these. 

It has a flat round top which is very modern feeling but very impractical in terms of application.

Isn't the color just gorgeous? It's an incredibly bright red based orange. Honestly, this is my go - to - night time - sexy lip color. I'm pretty pale so this looks brighter against my skin than someone who's a bit darker. I'm not daring enough to wear it in the day time yet. I'm fine with bright pinks but red and orange is a whole different matter.

I've got another picture with it on me, on my Instagram but since the photo quality wasn't that good, I didn't want to include it in this post.

The color is definitely true to the bullet. It's a bright red based hot orange. It has a glossy finish. The color is so intense that I can't even tell which is swatch is with one swipe and which is with two... can you? 

Performance: This lipstick is so opaque and creamy that one layer is all it takes to get full blown bright and wild color. It's creamy enough that it won't accentuate any dry areas. Although it feels pretty light and not sticky, I definitely feel like I'm wearing something on my lips.  For the first two hours after application, my lips feel relatively moisturized.  After that, it starts to feel drying but the color still holds strong. After an hour or so of talking, the glossiness does deminish by a lot but the color still looks good and solid.  It is highly transferable so if you decide to give someone a peck, they will have a red tell-tale sign. However, even after doing so, color still looks rather solid on the lips. Without eating, I'd say this actually lasts for a good few hours. After eating, I'd say a lot of the color comes off but it does leave your lip with a slight bright pinkish red tint (with no signs of orange).  

Because it is so creamy and opaque it's hard to get a nice and precise application. I highly recommend using a lip brush. 

The Good:
- very creamy
- very opaque
- not sticky
- won't accentuate dry lips
- unscented
- long lasting
- moisturizing

The Bad:
- highly transferable
- expensive (18 000 Won is around $17 U.S. which is similar to MAC lipstick prices)
- need a brush for precise application

Overall: I'd say this is a pretty impressive lipstick. I'd love to it out in other colors as well but Kitsch Biker has definitely earn a unique spot in my lipstick collection. 


  1. Oolala! great review. I love how pigmented 3CE products are. I'm so tempted to buy one. Have you checked out any of their youtube tutorials?

    1. No, I haven't! I didn't know they made videos.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoVAidwdD1Q&list=UUIcJXs34WdkNcz1qkcxf0Rw ^^


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