Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream Review

Monday, July 22, 2013
Hello everyone! Today I have an eye cream review for you!

This eye cream is relatively known in Korea and was recommended to me by the sales lady. It has won an award from Allure.
I used this eye cream for about 6 months now, almost everyday and night. It comes with 30ml of product for ₩28 000.

"This skin care is a naturally derived wrinkle treatment that promotes skin vitality with marine plants from clean and pure ocean of Jeju Island. It contain marine plants that are rich in vitamin A and minerals to rejuvenate the ageing skin and to foster self-protective power of the skin."

"After using the essence, apply an appropriate amount gently around the eyes with gentle pat."

Performance: I am not sure how effective it is to getting rid of wrinkles but it did keep my under eyes moisturized and supple. Keeping your under eyes supple is so important in wrinkle prevention so to some degree, this product is effective.

The thing I like the most about this eye cream is that it comes in a pump bottle, unlike most others that come in glass jars or sqeeze tubes. Glass jars are so unhygenic. I just absolutely hate getting eye cream under my nails. However because the bottle is not transparent, you have no way of knowing when its all used up. Also, by the time I finished using this up, the letters on the bottle have almost all rubbed off which doesnt really look good.

It spreads on smoothly, not too thick, not too watery.. just a light gel- cream and it gives a slight cooling effect that isnt every noticeable over time. It kept my undereyes moisturized even through the dry winter and air con dry summer.
One disadvantage with this cream is that it leaves a shine sheen. It isnt oily and not very noticeable but you know the product hasnt fully absorbed.

It doesnt cake under makeup. It allows my under eye concealer to go on smoothly but after maybe 6 hrs, make up might look a bit dry.
Another thing that really bothered me was the scent. It has the sams slightly herbal medical scent that the rest of the eco science line has and although its not unbearable, its just not what you call pleasent either. Some people might not mind but I like my scents fresh and floral.

What I love about it:
- It doesn't cake under makeup
- It's light yet hydrating. It moisturizes well throughout the day without causing milia or irritation
- Easily to use pump
- Refreshing feel after application (even though it lasts only for about a minute)
- Easy to spread

What I don't love about it:
- Expensive
- Doesn't absorb right away thus leaving a sheen
- Hard to know how much product you have left in the bottle

Texture: It has a gel-cream texture, kind of liquid-like and not thick at all. It spreads on easily but doesn't absorb completely right away.
Rating: A
I love this product for its hydrating abilities and easy to use pump. It's one of the only eye creams which I've tried that isn't too rich or too light for my sensitive skin but because of the price, I'll have to think about it before shelling out another 28 000 Won or get it when the sale comes.


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