Revlon Matte Balm Review in Standout

Sunday, October 13, 2013
I know that the Revlon Balm Stains have been quite the rage in the Beauty Community - some saying that it is even better than the famous Lip Butters - which is why it was one of the first things I bought upon coming home to Canada.

After shopping around at Shoppers Drugmart and PharmaPlus, I noticed the Revlon stands with the new Laquers and Matte Balms. I did more research and discover that the laquers were quite a miss here in the community but the Matte Balms were worth the money. This is when I also noticed the shade in Standout. Many bloggers rave about this color as the perfect neutral red.

I've been a lover of red lips for quite a while now but I always have the most difficulty finding the perfect red lipstick- they always look too warm or too cool on my skintone. Many bloggers say that Standout is a neutral red which will suit most skin tone - thus I began my search for it.

For the first bit, I had a bit of trouble find Standout. Most stores didn't have it or it was always sold out. Although I rarely buy makeup at full price (I always wait for a sale - if I can) but when I saw it at PharmaPlus - I bought it right away at $9.99 CDN.

I can see why so many people love the Revlon Matte Balm in Standout.

It is a perfect neutral red that is opaque and none drying.  It applies so easily and so smoothly. It's not sheer but if you want to build up solid opacity, you'll need to swipe it a few times. The color is buildable without clumping. Plus, the crayon form of the product allows me to have good control.  Although I have heard that many people are fond of the peppermint oil smell, I personally love it. It honestly feels just like a balm - not waxy but a bit slippery and moisturising. It doesn't feel heavy at all.

After eating and drinking, this will still stay on your lips but with less sheen and color as before. I do ind that the color sinks slightly into the lines of the lips but not noticabily. When that happens, my lips do feel dry. One thing to note is that the name of this is "Matte Balm" - it doesn't have that strong of a staining power as the Balm Stains. I find that the stain can remove with a napkin or so on. 

Although it is called Matte Balm, I find that it leaves a sheen - not gloss but just a sheen on the lips.

Score: A

I do really like this more than the traditional lipstick but you should definitely carry around a lip balm just in case. It feel moisturizing until the color and shine wears off. However if I had to choose between the Balm Stains and the Matte Balms, I'd chose the Balm Stains. 


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