Faith in Face Face Mask Review

Monday, June 24, 2013
The packaging of this face mask led me to mistaken it for Soap And Glory but it is actually Faith in Face, a Korean brand.

A variety of these face masks are available in Olive Young, a Korean drugstore. They range from pore tightening to face brightening, the usual but what differs this from other facial masks is that it is HIGHLY HIGHLY effective.
These masks are hydrogel masks which are usually a bit more expensive ($ x 2~3ish) than cotton sheet masks but they do work a lot better. It comes in two sections so that it would provide a better fit for the face.

I purchased After Shower Look. It is for "soothing & moisture".

" skin is alive and vibrant after shower giving you stronger faith in face""
with fabulous ingredients of sodium PCA, Camellia oil, sodium hyaluronate"

I noticed, after having this mask on for 20 minutes, my face looked vibrant and my pores appeared smaller. It was as if someone had airbrushed over my skin. Since that moment, this mask has became my #1 favorite. It is quite expensive though: 3500 won on regular pricing and 2400won on sale (each).
If you are looking for an instant facial pick me up before a big date or event, I recommend these ^^
I look forward to trying out the nourishment and pore tightening ones next.

What I love about it:
- Instantly gives you hydrated, supple, clear and bright skin
- Makes your pores look smaller
- Decently priced for a hydrogel mask
- Difficult to find if you're outside of Korea
- Cute packaging
What I don't love about it:
- effects go away within 2-3 days
 Rating: A+ (HG status)


  1. Hello,i am from malaysia...may i know where can buy through korea online store?

  2. Hi Suet Mun, I'm sorry but I'm not sure which online store sells this mask to Malaysia. If you google for it, there are some results but I don't know which stores are reliable


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